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Mother, Spark lover, MBA GRADUATE!!!, who is creative, photographer, tech junkie, process improvement nerd, maker of lists, with endless amounts of energy. People tend to gravitate towards me, what can I say, I am a charming ENFJ (Myers-Briggs). I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and I love leading people through change. Coffee had to take a backseat, for my health, so I drink my vitamins with my caffeine now, what can I say, I enjoy multi-tasking. What makes me excited: leadership, strategic planning, lean methods, process improvement, and business development. Proudest accomplishments: I have owned and launched four businesses since 2006: Outdoor Photographer - a one woman operation; Photography Studio - Employed five employees; Children's clothing line - launched in partnership with two other women. I recently invested in AdvoCare, and it has changed my outlook on everything! I was the lead project manager for the Teacher Ethics Training program in Texas, you can watch it here: Current Happenings: In January of 2014, my daughter and I moved from Austin to Fort Worth, Texas. We are facing learning curves in the new city, however we are trying to do so gracefully; and I am a klutz, the kiddo inherited that trait too. Buckle up.


I did a little Irish goodbye on yall and didn’t even realize it!  For a little while, I was embedding my Youtube videos here on my blog and then poof; I was gone!  I am sorry and  I apologize.  I know, I had/have some very loyal readers and followers of my blog and as an added bonus we had some amazing dialogue!

If you are still here reading, please allow me to explain myself.  When my daughter was about six I decided I wanted to start working with her on learning how to explain the details of items, and friends are always turning to me for recommendations on products. So we created our Youtube Channel called She Said What.  THEN, we started making videos! I have little Em describe the item(s), which is comically cute and adorable, I know, I am biased, but you might think so too!  I do product reviews and sometimes, sadly, she is too busy and I will do a video on my own so our viewers don’t experience a large gap of silence.  I cannot tell you how much fun this journey has been to do together!

Along the way we have learned how to work as a team, to not talk over each other, learn lots of camera skills, lighting techniques (more for Em since I was a photographer in a past life), speak clearly, speak UP!, learning to describe items for others, when it is time to be serious and when it is time to play.   Here very shortly, I will actually be introducing Em to video editing software!

If you have missed us and forgive our Irish goodbye please join us on our Youtube Channel at She Said What .  We would love to have you visit and join back in the dialogue! We miss your conversation!  If you subscribe nothing magical will happen, except you will get an email reminder in your inbox telling you we have a fresh new video ready for you! You and I can watch little Em grow up together, how sweet is that!  Life is pretty spectacular! And being a mom is completely amazing!

“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.”

– Coach Wooden