Fort Worth, Texas

Bio: Mother, Spark lover, MBA GRADUATE!!!, who is creative, photographer, tech junkie, process improvement nerd, maker of lists, with endless amounts of energy. People tend to gravitate towards me, what can I say, I am a charming ENFJ (Myers-Briggs). I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and I love leading people through change. Coffee had to take a backseat, for my health, so I drink my vitamins with my caffeine now, what can I say, I enjoy multi-tasking. What makes me excited: leadership, strategic planning, lean methods, process improvement, and business development. Proudest accomplishments: I have owned and launched four businesses since 2006: Outdoor Photographer - a one woman operation; Photography Studio - Employed five employees; Children's clothing line - launched in partnership with two other women. I recently invested in AdvoCare, and it has changed my outlook on everything! I was the lead project manager for the Teacher Ethics Training program in Texas, you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYCCyVaf2g1vuF3qIz1NjEWFeMtxaBMvC Current Happenings: In January of 2014, my daughter and I moved from Austin to Fort Worth, Texas. We are facing learning curves in the new city, however we are trying to do so gracefully; and I am a klutz, the kiddo inherited that trait too. Buckle up.

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