Banish Negativity

Please pardon the slow reaction time this morning, I clearly did not have enough caffeine prior to filming!


I have been MIA…

Earlier this year, I had been faced with some challenges, me being me, of course I took them head on persevered! This is what I have been up to!

I started a Youtube Channel where I give snippets of inspiration, comment, subscribe, and be sure to invite a friend who might need a little daily kick in the pants.

Dear Microsoft… really?

Dear Microsoft,

I used to really enjoy excel, prior to the current release, NOW when I have multiple pages open, I am limited to the constraints of ONE monitor; which defeats the purpose of having multiple monitors.

Thank you for taking a decent product and making it really difficult to use efficiently. I want to be able to open multiple instances of Excel so that I can look at both spreadsheets simultaneously on different monitors, you know the same way every other Microsoft product works.

Now your product has limited me, making Google Drive a more superior product, it is free, AND I can have as many windows open as I want.


No longer a customer

❤ Google