Student Loan Forgiveness

I worked at the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for just shy of 6 years; I truly loved it. It was the first place that I had been employed where everyone was happy, loved their job, and felt like they were making a difference. It could have just been me, I tend to be a “Glass half full person”, but I felt like everyone I was surrounded by were on the same wave-length, there was always support, people working together as a team, and most importantly laughter was often heard.

When I first started at the TEA my first job was to learn the Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program (TLF) and start consulting teachers, principals, superintendents, and anyone else who wanted information about the program, it is a real program for teachers! As a bonus for teachers in Texas, there is also a state program, with limited funding, but there is one!

Right before I left the TEA I started receiving phone calls from teachers who were getting telemarketer calls telling them they could get loan forgiveness all they had to do was pay a fee; well, I am here to tell you, that is BOGUS, it’s CRAP and DON’T do it! You will be out $500 (more or less) for something that you could easily have taken care of yourself. You DON’T have to pay a company to manage your loans for you, that is your business, and you should be managing it, period. Your loans are your business and you should know exactly who your lender is and how much you are paying each month.

Since I have left the TEA I have toyed with the idea, and been encouraged by others to do consulting for TLF to assist teachers with their loans because they seem to be so daunted by this process, and I know the process backwards and forwards; I should, I did it for almost six years. I am still sitting on the idea, I still stay informed, and I still assist those who come to me. If you ever have a question, please let me know, I would be glad to assist you!

Cheers, Joy, and most importantly a Merry Christmas to you!


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