School Lunch

My daughter went to a private Lutheran school for two years prior to entering the public school system. At this private school I paid about $4 a day for her lunch, OUCH! She ALWAYS wanted to eat lunch at school, always. The lunches were exceptional; I ate with her a couple of times and wow, don’t mind if I do! Then my daughter moved into the public school system for the last semester of her pre-k year when we moved to Fort Worth. She went back and forth between wanting to take her lunch and wanting to eat lunch at school. I decided to go and eat lunch with her one day to check it out for myself, on the menu was hamburgers, excellent! You can’t screw that up, right?

She instructed me on what and how to order, she choose Strawberry Milk so I happily played along. We sat down to eat our food, mine was a few bucks hers was $1.50. I open my hamburger thinking well… it doesn’t look all that great, but never judge a book by its cover, right? I prepare my hamburger and then sink my teeth right into the first bite. OH BOY…. I had to really choke it down, it was awful! I reach for my milk to get that awful taste out of mouth, ewww, even worse, what is this? I turn it around, I read it, Non-fat Strawberry Milk… WHAT? NON-fat, MILK? For kids? I get we have an obesity rate that we are trying to counter, but…

I have since let my daughter willingly take her lunch to school everyday to ensure she has good, HEALTHY, food for her belly so she is able to focus.

Here’s my really big issue, our brains NEED fats! YES! I said it, and I will say it again! OUR brains NEED fats to process information, and to learn and retain. I am not talking about candy, cakes, or other surgery treats – because there is a huge difference. I am talking about legit good for you fats: milk fats, protein fats, butter, nuts, etc.

I read the book, “Why we get fat and what to do about it” by Gary Taubes as recommended by a friend who follows a Keto diet and eats butter topped with bacon on the regular. What I learned in that book made me question every food pyramid ever published, and you should too. You should look into why breads were made to be the largest category. Can you starve eating Ramen Noodles everyday? Our culture is obsessed with counting calories and yet our obesity rate has risen. I should also add the friend that eats butter with bacon lost quite a bit of weight when he switched to that lifestyle, oh and did I mention, he has crazy amazing abs? Yes, these are his abs.


What am I getting at? Is the nutrition plan that schools are federally required to follow really the best alternative for the kids? Are we perpetuating a bigger problem? Why do we not consider the long term damage of restricting good fats in the diet?

There is some legitimacy to the ol’ feller who ate bacon and eggs everyday for breakfast and lived to 90 years old. Just some food for thought.


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