World Kindness Day

For the past few days I have been having some personal trials, bad luck, being tested, or whatever you believe to be true in your culture when you are having some downright bad things happen to you.  Yesterday morning I had to get up earlier than usual to go to a parent teacher conference at 7:15AM. The conference went well, my daughter is rocking and rolling along in Kindergarten and learning lots. I can’t relate, I wasn’t an intelligent kid, I was just flitting away catching flying roses.  Yes, flying roses, that is an actual story; maybe I will write about it, one day.  I say goodbye to the teacher and as I am walking out to my car I notice a gentlemen lingering at my car and then. I. see. it. A flat tire. BAM!  The first cold front of the season comes in and my battery has to be replaced and five days later, now I have a flat.  I pull out my Hyundai air compressor that came with my car, instead of a spare tire… I am not bitter… Ok maybe I am, Hyundai, seriously, no spare!  Come on!  OK, I will take a little ownership in this, I didn’t ask. I didn’t think to ask.  Anyhoooo, moving on.  I check out the tire, apparently a piece of shrapnel took shelter in my tire to stay warm.


I head over to Discount Tire where I purchased the original set, including a warranty (BEST investment ever!).  It is packed, so I drop off my car and head next door to the local eatery and sit down for some breakfast and most importantly some more coffee!  I see a gentleman, rail thin, really dirty, and he is visibly cold. He makes his way into the building after lingering outside for awhile. He is in the dining room for about 20 minutes then comes up to me, “can you spare a quarter?” my response, “are you hungry?” “no, umm, well, yes… But I need a bus pass” (I am aware the shelters are on the opposite side of FW, in front of my office). The woman beside me hands him a handful of change and I go buy him breakfast. He was very appreciative, and we talked for a bit, he makes his living selling photos of Marilyn. He devoured his plate, and as I am sitting there, it hits me, I am unbelievably grateful for how blessed I am.  Looking back these trials haven’t really been that bad, they have cost me money, time, and inconvenience because I wasn’t anticipating them happening; but I am healthy, happy, and loved.

Today is World Kindness Day, I challenge you to let in a person trying to merge, wave when someone lets you merge, buy someone a cup of Java, pick up the phone and call a friend, help a stranger, or help out an organization that could use some helping out.  I have talked about Pimping Joy before on my blog, I wish I could tell you that Judy is still with us, she died  a couple of weeks ago, you can watch her pimping joy here.   A friend of mine is the founder of, and I am a huge supporter of hers and this type of fundraising, go check out her page, donate to a cause that touches your heart, set up a page for yourself or someone you love, and then go and like her Facebook page to stay connected  you will never regret doing a Random Act of Kindness (RAK).


Cheers and kindness, I challenge you to Pimp Joy today and everyday.


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