So, I have been thinking…

I really LOVE cofee; in fact most of the world seems to be in agreement with me. That beautiful bean when grinned down to itty bitty pieces and then brewed with hot water or the process of cold filtered when done correctly, YUMMMMM! My boyfriend jokingly says that coffee is my one and only, true love. Then again, I have never been burned by coffee… That first initial sip of warm coffee in the morning and you feel the warmth run down your throat all the way down to yo’ BELLY! It is fantastic!

I got to thinking, I live in an area where every Starbucks in the morning has a perma-line at least 10 cars long and the wait is at least 10 minutes… 10 minutes folks. That coffee you were not able to brew at your house would have only taken about 2 minutes to prep, set the auto brew and could have been greeted by the most loyal of “puppies” when you staggered into the kitchen in the morning smelling that fresh aroma of java. So, I got to thinking why do people insist on going to Starbucks when there is a McDonalds within close proximity, or insert any other chain, and their turn-over time is quicker, less expensive, and here it is, McDonald’s coffee actually tastes better. I know what you are thinking, lady you are out of your mind! It is true, blind taste testings have said so; and you know people people don’t make up statistics. In my opinion, I actually agree, Starbucks coffee always tastes a little… I am going to say it… burnt. However, I LOVE me a Grande, Caramel Macchiato, with sugar free vanilla, and soy milk; but, it has to be a grande, otherwise the proportions are all off.

While I was in undergrad I worked at a Coffee shop called Sweet Eugene’s located in College Station, Texas – WHOOP! Let me tell you, I have been on the chase to find that quality of coffee and treats ever since. That is another story for another day, if you are ever in there, stop in and get a Pecan coffee and a chocolate chip scone, just for me, and savor it!

I digress, the point of this post was to say McDonald’s (MCD), you are missing a complete niche’ market! MCD has the perfect opportunity to expand here, let me explain. You see the “starbuckers” don’t want to go to the MCD line because they don’t want to fuss with MCD. The service isn’t that stellar, the staff is usually not excited to see you, and they are just “going through the motions”. To the contrary Starbucks greets you with enthusiasm, they remember your name, and when they don’t know your name they always ask it (see what I did there) they are very friendly and usually you find yourself smiling while you are waiting in the perma-line for your $5 coffee. MCD can set up little coffee shops and offer their great coffee, with a rapid turn-around time, with their same reasonable pricing. The bonus, it is has already branded, McCafe! GENIUS! You’re welcome McDonald’s, you probably paid a ton of money to a consulting firm to come up with your next big idea, and I just gave you one for free. You can pay me with a lifetime of free McCafe coffees.

Wow, I could been quite a bit more concise, but would the post have been as fun?



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