Tonight for dinner we had Tacos! I am a Texas girl and I love my Mexican food, probably more than any other food available. However, I have a preference I have noticed… I don’t care for it much further south of San Antonio and no further north than Dallas/Fort Worth, and in DFW… it is spotty… I am still trying to find the perfect spot for my palate.

My tacos at home are NOT authentic, but they are good and my family likes them; so in my bubble, they are perfect. Here is my version.

1 pound ground beef or ground turkey (When we have it we use half venison and half beef)
1 package of McCormick low sodium Taco seasoning
Cheddar Cheese
Lettuce wraps OR Carb Smart Tortillas (this was the biggest compromise for me because I love fresh fried corn tortillas, and yes, I would make my own)

Prepare the taco meat as directed on package
chop up your veggies while the meat is browning
warm up the tortillas, I usually use the quick method and toss them in the microwave for about 30 seconds

We also had Cauliflower Spanish Rice:
I prepared the Cauliflower the same way I did on the previous post only this time I added some spanish rice seasoning that I found at Sprouts to the mix. It turned out ok… nothing to slap your momma over or anything, but not bad for the first go round. We will work on tweaking it next time.

Then prepare your taco the way you like it!

Here is how I like mine



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