Just for you Priscilla

I was talking on the phone with one of my dearest, closest friends, Priscilla.  Let me tell you about her, she is a tall, ok, I am only 4’11” so technically everyone is tall, anyhow, she is tall-ish, and if she has on high-heels… she is REALLY tall.  She is gorgeous, she is kind, and she is certainly unique.  She is also incredibly smart but sometimes a touch on the ditzy side.  For example the other day we were on the phone, she says, “what are you doing?”, me, “I am driving”, she then follows up with, “are you sitting down?” to which I can’t help myself, I respond with “nope, I am trying out this new fancy car where you get to stand in the drivers position”…. See, sometimes she can be a little ditzy, but I love her and adore her because she embraces it and doesn’t take herself to seriously when she makes comments like that and we just laugh!  We were talking and she asked me how Mike (my beau) and I were losing weight…More him than myself, because I plateaued back in May and then crashed into a sugar ridden coma from June through August 17 when my daughter returned from her dads house for the summer. I have restarted my journey destined for greatness! I have shed four pounds, now to be honest, I don’t have much weight to loose about a max of ten pounds and I will be borderline to thin for my frame. I’m that muscular female who will never be a size zero, nor do I want to be, I love my curves!  I just want to be healthy and for me that means not having acid reflux flare ups.  Man, getting older ROCKS! 

Well, it all started with “How we get fat, and what to do about it” by Gary Taubes. If you have never read this book I highly encourage you to read it. It has completely changed the way I approach food for my family. I no longer take the governments ideas or food pyramids advice on what I should be eating because lets be honest, do we really or need 6-11 servings of complex carbs a day? Lets really think about complex carbs for a minute.  What spikes our insulin?  Sugar, right?  So, why would you put mass amounts of a food into your body that the body then converts over to sugar to be quickly processed for instant energy?  These foods are also classified as fat storing.  Meaning, if you are trying to loose weight, they aren’t your best compliments. Even those really yummy fat free pretzels… But they are fat free, why aren’t they good for me?  Pick up the book or the cliffs notes and the science and explanation behind all of it is included (at least in the book, I can’t speak to the cliffs notes). More information than you could EVER want on the who, what, where and why of complex carbs!

So what else am I doing?  When I started back up on August 18, I decided I needed to “reset” my system (my sister talked me into it), so I decided to try a cleanse.  I did a little research and decided to go with the Advocare 10 day cleanse.  I dropped four pounds in the span of 10 days; which was not my goal, it just happened.  I have since started using their other products like the DHA chews, SLIM, and I will be buying more of that yummy Fiber drink that came with my cleanse because it was AMAZING!  AND yes, Spark really is all the hype you have been hearing!  I decided to go ahead and sell the products so you can buy them here if you would like to try them as well:  https://www.advocare.com/140843554/Store/default.aspx Yes, that is a shameless, plug, I don’t feel bad about it, the products are amazing!  AMAZING!

In addition to my supplements that I will be taking I also follow a very strict diet.  Basically our meals include leans meats, some good grass-fed beef, chicken, pork and some sort of green veggies most days.  Green veggies or their equivalent help with liver function. Please don’t take my advice, do your own research as I have. I have spent months reading and reflecting and forming my own opinions about what I have read and reviewed. We have also gone to REAL butter from grass-fed cows, and WOW!  Unbelievable!  That my friends is what butter is supposed to taste like!  Kerrygold butter is quite possibly the worlds best butter, I am willing to travel to do the research if I have a sponsor. Any takers???? I know someone out there is just dieing to send me around the world to do comprehensive butter research? We have also jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon.  When I bake I use coconut or almond flour (in moderation) and I always use some sort of sugar substitute like xylitol, truvia, xanthan gum, and honey (thank you Felder farms).

Where I am going with all this?  I promised my dear friend, Priscilla that I would give her a copy of my meal list, it is ever growing and expanding but I will start sharing it here.

Here is the list of foods we rotate in:

  1. Beef tips with Mushrooms LOTS of mushrooms!!!! 
  2. Shrimp Stir-fry
  3. Beef stew (seems odd to make in the summer, but we were craving it so we did it anyway)
  4. Large Portabella Mushroom Pizzas
  5. Pork Chops with “pho”potatoes
  6. Grilled Salmon with Brussels sprouts and mushrooms
  7. Beef with Broccoli
  8. Cream Chicken “spaghetti”
  9. Hamburger steak, “Rice”, and black beans
  10. “Enchiladas”
  11. Beef with Snow Peas (straight from THE pioneer woman)
  12. Chicken Stirfry
  13. Baked Chicken with Baked Broccoli
  14. Lettuce wrap tacos
  15. Taco Salad
  16. Italian meal (meats, cheeses, olives)
  17. Spaghetti Squash
  18. BBQ Chicken with Green Beans
  19. Maple Pecan Bars (from Ruledme.com)
  20. English Muffins (flour free)
  21. Cheesy Chicken, “Rice”, and Broccoli
  22. Coconut Flour Brownies
  23. Fritzzas – I haven’t made these yet, but the recipe came from toneitup.com (LOVE those girls!)

My meal list is still growing, I will try and give details about each meal in the coming weeks as well as how I organize, meal plan, and shop.

Pho Rice – Ingredients list 

  1. one head of cauliflower
  2. olive oil, I usually “ish” this measurement, but if you need me to hold your hand try 2 tablespoons and adjust from there
  3. garlic, lots and lots of garlic (ok, if your not crazy about it I guess you can cut back)
  4. large skillet or wok with lid
  5. sea salt and pepper

To prepare:

  1. In a food processor chop garlic into rice size pieces
  2. place olive oil in bottom of pan
  3. toss in a heaping teaspoon of fresh garlic
  4. let that saute for 2 minutes on medium heat
  5. add sea salt and pepper (the more pepper the better, IMO), then stir
  6. add the rice size cauliflower
  7. cover and saute on medium heat (stirring frequently) for about five minutes
  8. should be cooked but crunchy when ready

You can play with this recipe to change it up and make different variations of it.  There is a delish sounding Spanish “rice” floating out there that I want to try. Please share your low carb/carb free meal ideas with me, we would LOVE to try them.  

Buon Appetito!




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