Pray for Peace

As I was driving to work this morning, the radio station that I was listening to started speaking about the new video released by Reba McEntire yesterday called “pray for peace” (I wasn’t able to embed it here, but you can find it on her official Facebook page).  I couldn’t help but listen to the meaning and the reflect on the timing of the song. So many of us are feeling helpless as countries are at war with each other. In America we have a surge of refugees coming in and we have limited resources and funds.  Data reports pulled from the Refugee Processing Center website, display how many are coming in, the points they are coming in from, and what countries they are fleeing.  You can see by city where the US government is planning to relocate up to 74,000 people for the 2014 year.  The data reveals that people are coming from all over the world; but the ones that are really pulling on our heart strings are the parentless children that are coming in from Central America by route of Mexico to the Texas border. Parents are sending their children of all ages, with a “coyote” (a person(s) who leads a human smuggling operation) to come to the United States for a “better life”.   As a mother, I can’t imagine attaching a note to my child and releasing her to a stranger. I can’t imagine what circumstances would drive me to separating myself from her.  Even if I was that desperate, I would NEVER hand my child over to another person; instead I would fly myself into the US and become a citizen by legal means. If I couldn’t fly I would move mountains so that I was not separated from my child and make it my goal to find to a safe place for us, together! 

The influx of people coming in is overwhelming to the United States and is quickly changing the status from a country that was once able to help provide for others, to a country that is in need.  If we can’t provide for our own, we certainly don’t have extras to hand out. Can you imagine the commercials China will be broadcasting, “Just 10 cents a day will…” you get the point. There is no nice way to dice it so that the outcome is different, this is our new reality.  The U.S. is bleeding and something has to be done to stop it. I wish the humanitarian route would work, but it is only propagating a greater problem.  Some elected officials are saying this is a Church problem not a Government problem.  While I agree with that logic our Governments sole purpose is to protect the people and to provide law and order.  This current situation is a breeding ground for disorder and protection is questionable at best.  The American people are becoming noticeably angry and others feel completely torn by the situation. 

I am going to say what is so hard for others to voice, they should be sent home. A child NEEDS to be with their mother and father. Come here, but come legally and come as a family.  Keep your family together at all costs! Find safety together, legally! 

Data Source:

Refugee Processing Center. (2014) 


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