Water not optional

We need water for basic survival purposes; so fact that there is currently 33 counties in Texas that have less than a 45 to 90 day supply of viable water remaining supply frightens me!  http://www.kvue.com/news/state/259742391.html 

Meanwhile across the globe in Lima, Peru the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC) saw an opportunity, they created a billboard that would generate water utilizing the humidity in the air. Folks, we have got to change the status quo and think about things differently.  

One of the towns affected is Bandera, Texas. This town, if you have never been there is a step backwards in time, it is simply put, a unique experience! I had the opportunity to go there for a day when I worked for a newspaper and interview one of the local ranches about how they were teaching people about riding horses, cattle wrangling, running barrels, roping, riding bulls, and most importantly slowing down and taking it all in! Think old black and white westerns, that is Bandera.  It is unique little town that is frequented by motorcycle enthusiasts for its “Twisted Sisters” ride. This town even though it is deep into Texas has an average humidity of 76%.  

Would this new concept pulling water out of the air benefit Bandera; I am not 100% positive, but it is worth investigating. Could Texas as a state put these billboards closer to the shoreline, possibly near Houston and truck the water to needed towns? Yes, I do believe they could!  


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