My superpower

I just read the article, “The One Question All Successful People Can Answer Immediately” by Sarah Chang on The Muse you can read it here: 

This article made me think about what I would consider my superpower; not about what I would like for it be, but what I am exceptionally good at. This made me think about process improvement and while this is something I am truly passionate about, I am not sure I have the “1000 hours” yet to consider this something that I am an expert at.  However, one thing that I am exceptionally good at is empowering others and making them believe in themselves.  

I am 100% a Libra and I naturally have always been very fair and open minded. I truly want others to feel successful.  When I was younger I believed the way that I could do this was by doing things for people; now, I take a different approach and tell them what I need, and if necessary a few steps to help get them going.  For example, I have tutored a few math students, (no, I am not a teacher and I have never been one, but have the most respect for them) when I tutor them I express the importance of memorizing the math vocabulary.  If you can’t read what the math problem is telling you to do, you might get lucky when you solve it; but most of the time, you are going to fail.  Math is all about memorization, to me it is one of the simplest content areas that we study in school. Math is always consistent and has the same solution. 2+2 ALWAYS equals 4. Always. See.. there are no if or whens in that statement.  So when I tutor a math student I focus on the foundation and help them make the connections for themselves.  I owe my strong math background to the hardheaded, sarcastic Mr. Kelly Norman.  He truly has the superpower of teaching! His students respected him, he demanded excellence out of you, all the way down to your behavior in the classroom.  If you yawned, it better have been silent.  

What is your superpower?  


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