I’m BAAAaccccck!

This past month has been a whirlwind, I tell you, a complete whirlwind! I had my capstone for graduate school, I am finally done! I don’t know if I am excited or sad to have graduated with my Masters. I had the opportunity to learn under some pretty amazing professors and THAT is inspiring.

I have had all these great ideas and new concepts that I have thought of in the last month and meant to write them down so that I could remember to blog about them when I got the chance, but, it is not smart to write when you are driving or showering, although I guess I could steal Mike’s waterproof paper and keep that in the shower, that is usually when my brain starts processing ideas.

A few months ago after moving to Fort Worth there was an ice storm, I fell for its silly sliding pranks and had a one car pile up.. with myself… in a parking lot, with a barrier… twice. Twice! While I had my rental car I took the opportunity to test drive some other vehicles and see if maybe a SUV would be more fitting for living in Fort Worth. If you have ever driven here, you get surprises all the time, in the form of very large scale road dips, that are nearly impossible to avoid. I test drove a Chevy SUV first, it was part of the commercial fleet called the Captivia. It drove nice… but, it wasn’t for me, the gas milage in my opinion was pour and if you are hovering near the five foot tall marker, the vehicle is just not built for you, sitting that close to the steering wheel is dangerous, plus, where are all the bells and whistles? Fleet, right?

My next vehicle was the Ford Edge, WOW was my first impression, I was blown away at the features and the technology in this vehicle. My daughter loved it, she asked immediately if we could keep it. I was highly impressed with just about everything on the vehicle but they fell short, there might be a pun there… wait for it… the cup holders were tiny, meaning I couldn’t even put my standard size travel coffee mug in it; good thing I have one of those AMAZING Contigos that TRULY does NOT leak! Next, shaking my head, very disappointed, I had at best, two inches of space from my knees to the bottom of the dashboard where the steering wheel was located. I had about seven inches between me and the steering wheel, which places me in the “risk zone” if I was to have a crash (head on collision), I would be lucky to walk out of the car, my legs would likely be decimated. In a car that technologically advanced they didn’t have the adjustable pedals for us shorties in mind. We aren’t that rare, are we? So overall, I couldn’t safely drive this car… apparently consumer reports agrees with that the statement direct from their site “Edge has its strong points, but there are better choices”. I truly like the technology development in this car, but if you can’t consider the height of the driver in the design the car fails. My recommendations, add additional seat adjustments like tilt, or add movable pedals for your more petite clientele.

My next test drive will be the Subaru Forester. It is rated much better by consumer reports (by 17 points), so fingers crossed!


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