iPhone Updates

With all of the updates that Apple seems to be putting out lately, why is it none of them have an update to the calendar and maps integration…. Why do I have to copy and paste the address of a location?  Why is it that when you open an event in your calendar, with all of the valuable information for an important date/event that you can’t click on that address and create a route to the event? Not to pour salt on the wound but, the Android does…

I selected to carry a iPhone as my personal phone of choice (since 2008), and at work I was assigned a Samsung Galaxy S4.  I have to say Apple you are loosing your edge.  It breaks my heart because I have been a devote Apple lover since 2000 when I started taking Graphic Design classes in undergrad. 

One thing that made Apple so great, in my opinion, was the company put out great products, and not very often. The products had a level of prestige about them; well designed on the inside and outside with amazing speed.   When you purchased an Apple product you knew you were making a good, sound investment.

About eight years ago I purchased my first Macbook Pro, now THAT is an impressive computer even eight years later. I know the time is getting closer that I will have to move on and replace my beautiful laptop, but I am sad to say, it may not be with another Mac.  My consumer confidence in the company is slowly starting to be pulled toward competitors.  My hope is that Apple considers the events of the 1980’s and puts a strategic plan in place to remain competitive, because Samsung sure has my attention right now…

Monday, April 7, 2014
Additional thoughts, after I wrote this blog, I realized there is another aspect of the upgrade that doesn’t make sense to me. I used to be able to copy and paste a phone number in on the keypad dialer. Now… it appears that you can’t do this any longer, unless… you press and hold the white space, then you will get a paste option. The previous version was much more intuitive, all this did was create confusion.

All these thoughts in my head; I hope you’re able to enjoy my ramblings.



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