7… more…. weeks….

This week has been brutal in graduate school. They are all pretty intense but this past week and current have been a BEAST! A research paper, a team research paper, 3 chapters to read, 3 case studies to analyze and 6 peer reviews. This is just 7 days worth of work… 7 days! My boss looked at me on Monday and said, “did you get all your work turned in… ” no, not yet… but it is almost done. Her next response, “I can tell your tired, your eyes give you away”. I was/am boss lady… VERY TIRED. This is my LAST week of learning coursework! LAST WEEK!!!! Then on to the capstone… (do you hear the scary music in the background?)

Now if the team I am on would just communicate, I could get through this final assignment without me going postal! There are three communicators in the group, and three avoiders.. Folks, it is a leadership class, get with it. It isn’t complicated material it is common sense! How selfish do you have to be when you are placed in a group to avoid contributing?

I love the content that I have learned about myself and others in this class. I find this information highly valuable. My daughter told me the other day (she is five), “Mommy, you’re a really great leader”, I almost cried, almost. I got a little choked up; I am not going to lie. Alright, I am a bit of a sap.

I have learned that I am charismatic, highly ethical, strong motivator, pursuasive, a relationship based leader unless you piss me off, then I become direct and very task oriented. I have learned that I have a mountain of patients, and that I truly work well in a group, despite, the lack of communication referred to above; I love how the diverse ideas come together to finalize a project that you can be proud of.

I hope your week is not as intense as mine, if it is I am sorry. Next week will be better! Please pray (or whatever believe in) that I keep my sanity in the next 7 weeks… A birdie told me part of my capstone is a business plan… if it is, WAHOOOO! I Got this!



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