Choose Joy

I started listening to a radio show about nine-ish years ago called the Bobby Bones Show located out of Austin, Texas. There were times when I was offended; for example, I had a miscarriage and at the time they were insensitive to those aspects of a persons life, because lets face it, they were young twenty-somethings who were not at that cycle of their life yet.  I stopped listening for about a year, maybe more… But something urged me to go back.  Then Amy came to the show, she added a new dynamic, she is simply a kind soul. 

A couple of years ago Amy’s mother faced her first round of cancer. Fast forward to fall 2013 and now she is going through her third battle… Her mother has a motto, it is simple but powerful, “Choose Joy”. The show decided to do a “Choose Joy” week, it is this week. 

As I am listening to this the show and following my regular social media platforms, I am seeing this movement, everywhere. It has taken a life of its own, and it is beautiful.  If you have read my past posts you probably gathered that I am direct and playful. The side you don’t see is that I am also extremely empathic, even to strangers.  I have to remind myself at times to check my emotions. This movement is unbelievable and chokes me up.  When I hear about ways that people are choosing joy, I swell with pride that people are kind, people DO care and people DO want to choose joy.  This morning as I was listening to the show, I cried hearing some of the stories.

It is Amy’s mother, Judy, who prayed that “she be used for a positive purpose in this circumstance”(Bobby bones link below). I would say that her prayer was heard.  I posted a sign at my desk and when asked about what it means I have shared the story, I also wanted to share it with my readers.

  • This is how you can join the movement:
  •  Do nice things for others and share them via Twitter/Instagram using #PimpinJoy
  • Make shirts, signs or find other ways to share your joy and send us pictures.

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