What are they thinking? No Really, WHAT?

I truly wish I new… Have you ever thought about how it feels to be in a wheelchair and you try and use a public restroom? Stick with me I have a point, and remember I am all about process improvement and how to make things work better! 

My step-dad is confined to a wheelchair.  I know confined isn’t the PC term, but that is exactly what he would tell you if you asked him. Who created this PC nonsense anyway.. that is a topic for anther day.  He cannot walk because of a stroke in 2005 that left him with left side paralysis.  He hates it, I hate it and my siblings hate it.

You know what sucks EVEN more than being confined to a wheelchair? Trying to use a public restroom that is only just the size of your wheelchair, so your not able to close your door, but wait there is more…

Let me draw you a picture, handicap toilets are in general higher off of the ground.  Which is wonderful if you have limited mobility because that fall to the seated position is a dooooozy! It can freak a person out! Then you have finished your business and now… low and behold… What were they thinking?  The toilet paper roll is BELOW the handicap bar.  So you’re on a higher toilet, you have no mobility in your left side (in this particular instance) and now you have to high dive off of the toilet to reach the toilet paper… This is a fantastic cocktail! Seriously, what were they thinking!

For all those looking to improve the ease of use for those with confinements or limited mobility, think about how they would use the product or service. For any business, think about your end user, your customer, the entire reason you exist. This goes back to my topic from yesterday.

Can you tell this topic really heats me up?  This isn’t even a costly fix, but it will be after the first lawsuit goes through for someone falling off the loo and banging their bobo…



5 thoughts on “What are they thinking? No Really, WHAT?

  1. I can relate so much! I am confined to a wheelchair – I rarely pay attention PC speech. Most ‘handicap’ stalls are for those who have the ability, even if limited, to walk. It ticks me off to no end. but I do speak with the manager, tell them they are breaking the law – There are specific rules about how a stall is made – and if it’s not fixed I’ll call the ADA on them. It doesn’t really solve the immediate issue but I’ve gone back to the establishment later and the problem was solved.

    For the immediate need – I have my friend or family member stand at the door and not allow anyone at all in the bathroom. If I have to use the bathroom, I have to use it, no discussions. Thankfully, my family and friends are more than happy to be my door guard in such situations. I don’t care if their are 20 stalls and women are about to pee themselves. I don’t set out to punish them, I suppose it does though. My goal is to have them complain to management about the problem, lending a voice to my complaint. Plus, if they have dissatisfied customers they are more likely to fix the probably quickly.

    I firmly believe that the architect should consult a disabled (wheelchair bound specifically) person to go through the blueprints and fix whatever problems are pointed out. Or, perhaps more effecitive – Put them in a wheelchair and make them use the stalls they create.

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    1. Arakansarose, I am sorry that you have to “put up with this”, I don’t necessarily believe that it takes a person with a handicap to design them properly, but rather someone who actually puts thought and pride into their work looking at it from every viewpoint and certainly from the seat of a wheelchair. These are easy failures to fix. In my opinion they are just that, failures. I am glad that you found my blog and saw the value in my thoughts, thank you. How did you stumble upon it?


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