So… I have this theory

I have been working since I was roughly fifteen. Even at a young age, I was aware of customer service and the importance of one seeing the value in the service/product that you are offering. Maybe it is because I have always been entrepreneurial or just because of my personality makeup, but I don’t think that customer service is where it begins and ends, but rather seeing your product or service from the customers view point and ensuring it is successful to use.  When I was in undergrad this was drilled into my head to the Nth degree with regard to craftsmanship, usability, perspective, customer service, and overall packaging.  I was an Advertising major, so the end users opinion of your product is/was ALL that maters. 

If the customer can’t use your product then what is the point?

As a public servant I see this ALL-THE-TIME.  Government officials or servants, become so consumed in a task, sometimes they loose sight of the point, and completely missing the mark… The public service sector is not the only culprit, major corporations are guilty of this as well. 

This past weekend my amazingly handsome and charming boyfriend took me out on a motorcycle ride. He was eager to test out these new headsets he had gotten us and installed on his own, using the companies instructions. We planned to go for a ride and have a picnic lunch; I know, eat your heart out ladies. 

As we are getting ready for our ride we cannot seem to get our systems to link to each other… We can hear the audio on the transmitter if we listen to the weather, but we can not hear each other… Darn it! We went on our ride and enjoyed the picnic and beautiful Texas weather, despite the issue.  After a phone call to the company the next day, a customer service representative acknowledged they “don’t have the best instructions on how to install and operate the device”.  The little device was installed properly but we were not turning it on correctly.  Shame on you nameless company!  Your most important mission, and you failed. As the saying goes “you had one job”… 

Again, maybe it is just because of my background, but I come across these situations routinely.  I want to reach out and help these companies, they have great products, but they WILL not last if they don’t fix their processes!  Process improvement and a little bit of research and development or even bothering to use your own product would have prevented this error! 

As one of my favorite leaders so eloquently stated, “You can never go too far wrong by thinking like a customer who’s new to the business.” – Sir Richard Branson

………………….So, my theory is this, we have stopped thinking about the “end user”…

Here’s to thinking about your end user today and always.



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