Clarsonic Mia 2

My wonderfully, amazing, dashing, stallion of a boyfriend likes to tease me that I am middle aged (on a scale of 100). I am not sure if it is our food or our environmental factors but over the last couple of years I have really struggled with adult acne, so much so that I have needed medical intervention to clear it up on more than one occasion. I find this shocking given that I never had acne as a teenager and I was a serious athlete. I have worked to simplify my skin cleaning regimen by putting less products on my face.

I used to be a manger for a major high end cosmetics company so I would buy expensive creams and exfoliators to take care of my skin. A few years ago Clarsonic started making these cute little devices that exfoliate your skin. I was a skeptic at first, I am usually not the first to jump on any bandwagon and I was very afraid of over exfoliation, I DO NOT want to prematurely age people! Have you seen how young 60 year olds look these days. I am kidding; I say bring on the years, but I would like to have great skin for as long as I can.

Back to the Clarsonic… I did my research and decided that the Mia two was the device for my needs. The higher end device that will exfoliate your body is a great idea in theory… but, I am only 4’11” and I couldn’t imagine how long it would take to exfoliate the entire body with that little guy, which is only slightly bigger than the Mia 2… I mean the Mia 2 is set up for a full one minute default on the face (which I would NOT recommend ever going past that mark). How long does the entire body take? The other devices are great, but the Mia 2 has the timer system and two speeds, PLUS I was able to get it in my favorite color, Pink! BONUS!

I happened to luck out and catch a “sale” at Sephora when they were turning over last seasons colors and scored mine for $99, only to find out at the register that it was miss marked. The sales woman never skipped a beat, never appeared troubled only confused as she kept scanning and rescanning b/c the price wasn’t coming up correctly at the $99, but Sephora honored the price. Thank you Sephora for the amazing customer service. I was very excited since I had saved since November to buy it at $150.

My thoughts on this little gizmo: It is my faces new BFF. I don’t buy the soap that they sell with it because I discovered months ago that Suave extra gentle for kids (you know the clear one with Papa Smurf) removed makeup FAR more supperior than any makeup remover on the market. I saved myself LOADS of money in the long run buying this lil’ gal. I was spending $20 every couple of months on a cream exfoliator, this device will pay for itself in ten months. I highly recommend this device and use it only as directed or you will over exfoliate which leads to premature aging!!! (girly scream!)

Cheers to growing old but doing so gracefully.


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