I have things to say, feel free to read them…

I used to blog, pre-daughter, pre-grad school, pre-my last life… You get the idea. Then my daughter was born five years ago, and I stopped writing, not that I didn’t want to write, I was just exhausted and unmotivated. Then when I finally became motivated to write I found myself in Graduate school working on my MBA, I was already having to write more than enough to kill that itch. I graduate in eleven weeks, the countdown has begun and I have been wanting to record some of these leadership topics we are covering in this class.

The reason I started writing a blog in the first place was simply to become a better writer. I did not go to a fancy school, with an exhaustive list of highly qualified and credentialed English teachers, I went to public school, like every other average Joe. Not only did I go to public school, but my brain was rarely in the classroom with me, ADD symptoms… Yes, they were screaming, very loudly. The only class that I was ever truly engaged in was Math, why Math was the exception, I have NO idea.

In full disclaimer, I am horrible at sentence structure, I am horrible at spelling and I do not claim to be a great writer. So read with caution. You WILL likely find errors; however, I do proof my work and edit it prior to publishing, there are mistakes that pass me by. I write this to say that, I am not a great writer, so I do this to develop my skills and just “say what I need to say”, thank you John Mayer for that beautiful line. So, if you find that I make a mistake, please let me know, kindly, so that I can learn from my errors. Here are a few starters, I ALWAYS have trouble with since and sense, and effects and affects. I know that sense involves emotions of ones person, and that affect is an action. Anytime I go to write a sentence using either of these words, my brain goes blank…

Occasionally, OK, more often than not, I will write something from my perspective and opinion, it is just that my opinion, and I respect that you have yours, so please respect that I am allowed to have mine and agree that neither is better than the other.

Here is a picture of my daughter and I from our vacation in Aspen that my wonderful boyfriend took us on last week.



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